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A bridge too far Lighteye
512 m
British Hq 1
British Hq 2
German Hq 1
German Hq 2
the Bridge
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RFA Files:
2003-04-18 01:40:34

2003-02-28 03:23:20

Object Spawns:
MG 42

*** Created by: Lighteye - clanmember of ArmyofGoT ( tag: [GoT] ) - *** ****** Visit for new maps in the near future! ****** ************** Mail to #Email removed by DataField42# for any info/suggestions etc. ************* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT-PERMISSIONS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You SHOULD NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you do not co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY FORM!!. This .RFA may be distributed ONLY over the Internet. You are NOT authorized to put this .RFA on any CD or distribute it in any way without my permission. Also EXTRA FILES that coorporate with the original .RFA are NOT PERMITTED! Modifications in ANY way of the original .RFA are not allowed without permission! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGES: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added - 2 stairs to get out of the water near bridge (Berlin waterwalls). Added - CTF and TDM mode. Added - CQ/CTF and TDM mode for Desert Combat .3 Added - Lightmaps (only for M1 objects, M2 are for in the buildings: not supported) Added - Little mesh; a sign board, a bit useless but implanted to test custom objects only in 1 map .rfa file. Added - some stones at the end of the bridge. Change - Sky (custom made berlin with some red to default stalingrad). Change - some fixes at the heightmap.raw Change - some fixes at the materialmap.raw Change - new textureground and ingamemap. Change - Japanese lcvp boats to daihatsu. Change - Increased tickets (now it takes 16 min. instead of 12 when the counter reaches zero when the bridgeflag or(and) all 4 headquarters is/are taken. Change - Fog color and some other colors. Change - Removed 1 ruine house at A7 Fixed - exploit to get behind the buildings at the edge of the map. Unsolved- little bug with yellow lines from artillery but you can normally target someone. Unsolved- coop/sp support. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL NOTES: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run abtf.exe for non-server files. Run abtf_server for the server files. Some troubleshooting if you can't install A bridge too far. On start the installer will look for the keys: 1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\GAMEDIR (retail version) 2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942 server\GAMEDIR (server version) If an error appears that the key shown at number 1 above is not found: the installer will exit. Solution: install Battlefield 1942 properly (will be the same with the server version)! You will also have to determine a directory path to install some files (this will be the readme.txt and a picture of the ingamemap). Be aware of the fact this is NOT the directory where the installer will install the .rfa files! The installer will automatically check were Battlefield is located from your registerkeys (you don't see this path). If everything is went well, the installer should do the following: Your own chosen installpath: readme.txt and objectsmap.gif bf dir found by registerkey\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels - retail version(s) bf serverdir found by registerkey\Mods\BF1942\Archives\Bf1942\Levels - server version(s) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIPS AND TRICKS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Multiplayer Conquest only ! 2. Recommended ticket setting (serveradmins! ;-) ) 100% 3. There are two ways to reduce tickets: - a. Only capture the bridge flag. - b. Take control of all the 4 headquarters (bridgeflag not necessary). If one of this goals is reached then it takes about 16 min. (with ticket ratio 100%) when the counter reaches zero ! It's also possible that both team tickets are reducing, FE: axis team captured the bridgeflag and the allied team has control over the 4 headquarters :-) 4. It's NOT possible to spawn at the bridgeflag ! (to avoid granade spamming) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Designer: - Lighteye Custom object: - da_Burp (mesh: signboard) Hosting: - Flipbis - DJ-spot - Snow_King _ SNEAK-NL - Geckoo - And all the other domains ;-) Testers: - YoG - MasterOverdrive - py.mosjuh - Flipbis - Switch - Maestro.mosjuh - PoweRoy - StoneColdKillah - SaUrOn - SNEAK-NL - TuuT - Snow_King - Berend(NL) - D0z3R(::)NL(::) - Inquestos - Herr_m - Macdaddy Rest: - Army of GoT battlefield 1942 clan ( - LMD - Glorificationer Forums/websites: - - - Perfectionist Custom level Design: - - The dude that came up with the name: - py.mosjuh ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOOLS I USED: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photoshop (7.0): - Paint Shop Pro (7.04): - Notepad 3dsmax (as an 3d editor and shadows mostly): - Rexman's 3dsmax toolset: - MakeRFA RFAextractor Unofficial SDK from 10th Nov 2002 with tga splitter and dds plugin for Photoshop BF1942 mapeditor (only for heightmap.raw): - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DUTCH LANGUAGE: GoT (Army of GoT) zoekt nog steeds (goede) clanleden ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reden dat ik (wij) dit in het Nederlands doen is omdat wij alleen Nederlands talige mensen zoeken, maakt dus niet uit waar je vandaan komt zolang je maar de Nederlandse taal begrijpt en een beetje mensen kan killen in de refractor 2 engine ;-) Onze website > Ons forum > (m)IRC > irc:// kom bij voorkeur eerst langs op IRC waar genoeg mensen zullen zijn om je op weg te helpen :-)