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A Sliver of Hope Kurt LeBoeuf
2048 m
Axis Home Base
Allied Home Base
Axis Airstrip
West Point
Central Control Point
Allied Oil Reserves Control Point
North West Control Point
Game Modes:

RFA Files:
2004-03-10 20:27:34

Object Spawns:
MG 42
Welcome To A_Sliver_of_Hope! This is a Conquest: Assault map. The object here is for the Allies to keep control of the Oil Reserves; least the Germans will get them and rule. This control point it vital to winning the Battle, Owning the Oil reserves is the most valuable control point of the map, and will make the other teams ticker start to go down much sooner. That's it men, ad ease. And Good Luck Soldier! Version: 4.2 August 2003 Please feel free to contact me anytime at
=============================== =====Battle Field 1942 Map Read me====== =============================== Map Name: "A Sliver of Hope" version 4.2 August 2003 Creator: Kurt LeBoeuf Email: #Email removed by DataField42# Added Co-op / Single modes 10-19-03 Capture the Flag mode 09/22/03 Size: 37.7 Meg. Theatre: Africa Description: Just some minor fixes such as the MRL repair and AI etc... This update includes AI for Single player and Co-op modes. You still must defend the Oil reserves if you want to win. This map is a cross between Inshallah valley, Bocage, and Guadalcanal all rolled up into one. This is the finished version except for maybe the Coop or single player modes, They may get some more tweaking. Like if you find some AI getting stuck or running into things please get a screen shot and email it to me with a description of the problem and I'll do my best to find the fix. and thank you for your help. This map is freshly painted and ready to rock and roll. Some new places have been added both in plain view and some in hiding, but with some luck and good viewing you'll soon find them. Attached is a .jpg picture file, showing the roadways and the values of each control point, memorize these places so you will know the key points to own, also, there are 3 different planes that spawn at the Oil Reserves, each plane will spawn according to who owns it's control point. Learn these and you will know who has these higher scoring control points, you or the enemy? Then take action. If you feel it's still in need of more balance, one team more powerful then the other or if you find some of the AI are getting stuck in places etc... And you can add the details for me to go by or even do a srceen shot for me to do a fix, please e-mail them to me at the link above and let me know your thoughts. Thank you. Hope to hear some feedback, good or bad. my Homepage: This file is the property of the creator; all rights and copyrights () belong to him. Do not copy, alter, or claim credit for any of the works done within this map file or any files within this zip without permission from the creator of this map, Kurt LeBoeuf. Do not remove or alter this read me file without written consent from the creator Kurt LeBoeuf Many big Thanks: To Audiogod for his help with the bclas, (Oil tanks) making it a solid matter. To Arc D'Wraith for his contributions in the AI Tutorials and Path mapping in particular. and all the others that may of had their hands in it. Thank you. ============================== ==Installation Instructions=== ============================== 1. Open up the .zip file for the map. 2. Read the read me (what you're reading right now) 3. Extract the .rfa file to the folder C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods \bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels 4. Boot up Battlefield 1942.exe 5. Go to LAN game, or Internet. 6. Host a game. 7. Set the players to 1, min. 8. Choose the map from the map list dropdown window. 10. Play the map and report bugs found to the creator. ============================== ====Uninstall Instructions==== ============================== 1. Open up My Computer 2. Go to the folder C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942 \levels 3. Delete the map file, making sure that it has an .rfa extension